Passenger ferry cleaning

The best possible cruise experience is made not only of an entertaining program and tasty cuisine but also of comfortable and inviting facilities. Fresh and clean cabins and public areas create comfort for both passengers and staff and, above all, a sense of safety. Due to significant passenger volumes, special attention must be paid to the hygiene and spotlessness in the areas.

The cruiser ships in the Baltic Sea spend only a moment in ports. With this minimal time, cleaning must be planned and coordinated in the final detail so that the ship can continue its journey on schedule. Changes affecting workload can also come unexpectedly and needs to be resolved quickly and professionally.

N-Cleanillä on pitkä kokemus yhteistyöstä varustamoiden kanssa ja laivasiivous on yksi N-Clean has long experience in cooperation with shipping companies, and passenger ferry cleaning is one of our areas of expertise. We take care of cleaning cabins and public spaces on different ferries in Finland and Sweden and clean more than 0.7 million cabins every year. We ensure the quality level of our work by clear operating models combined with flexibility and rapid responsiveness. As a result, despite the tight schedule, the quality of N-Clean cleaning is always at the top level.

In addition to maintenance cleaning, we make customized solutions for each ship according to the needs of our customers.