Well-being agents of everyday life since 1987

For us at N-Clean, the customer’s well-being and success are everything. So, with the resources of a large company and the warmth and locality of a family business, we make sure that hundreds of thousands of people can live their everyday lives in clean and fresh premises.


The story of N-Clean begins in the 1980s. Our founder Rauno Nurmi works as a bartender in a hotel nightclub in Turku. The nightclub is used as a conference room during the day, and when it turns out that its windows need washing, Rauno states that he is the right man for the job. His work is of such high quality that he gets to wash the remaining windows of the hotel and the ones in the neighboring hotel as well. As the demand for Rauno’s skills increases during the following year, he decides to become a full-time cleaning professional.


Rauno continues in the cleaning business, washing windows and carpets and waxing floors. He gets more and more excited about the industry, and eventually, his enthusiasm passes on to his wife, Helena.


Rauno and Helena establish Aluesiivousyhtiö, a company that focuses mainly on hotel cleaning. At the turn of the millennium, the company employs 750 cleaning professionals nationwide.


Aluesiivousyhtiö is sold to Engel. Rauno and Helena stay with the company for a few more years until they opt out in 2003. However, the customers miss the couple’s people-like and service-minded attitude and eventually get them to change their minds.


N-Clean is established. When Rauno and Helena return in January 2004, N-Clean’s service offering extends to hotels, passenger ferries, and business premises. The company continues to grow steadily.


N-Clean establishes a subsidiary in Sweden, resulting in operations in the Stockholm, Nyköping, and Åre regions. By 2019, the Swedish company’s turnover is EUR 10 million, and it employs 300 cleaning professionals.


The Finnish private equity firm Juuri Partners joins as an owner in N-Clean and provides the cleaning company with networks and more extensive expertise to support its operations. In addition, Juuri Partners actively supports N-Clean on the board of directors and as a mentor.


Swedish MIAB AB becomes a partial owner of N-Clean in January 2019 and brings N-Clean new expertise in hospital and public sector cleaning. Together the companies form a group with a EUR 100 million turnover.


Rauno and Helena continue as entrepreneurs together with the parent company MIAB AB. The company employs 1,700 people in Finland and has a turnover of EUR 35 million. The company expects to continue on its strong growth path, and the target for net sales is to reach EUR 100 million in 2024. Based on N-Clean’s cleaning service concept, approximately 0.7 million cabins and over 5 million hotel rooms are cleaned in Finland and Sweden yearly.

To this day, N-Clean bases its operations on Rauno’s relentless spirit and dedicated attitude to cleaning work. Since the first swipes, N-Clean has been praised especially for its customer orientation and flexibility. With the resources of a large company and the mindset of an agile family business, we currently serve Finland’s largest companies, from shipping companies to hotels, store chains, shopping centers, and nursing homes. The most important thing for us is to make sure that our customers can focus on their business and succeed.