Business premises cleaning

Fresh and clean premises are not only a requirement for well-being but also a business card. Well-cleaned spaces communicate reliability, competence, and responsibility towards customers and staff. In addition, the well-being in different working environments is a significant factor in promoting the meaningfulness, fluency, and efficiency of work – cleanness is part of the employer image.

Clean spaces are the face of the company; brilliantly clean surfaces attract customers to visit stores and premises. However, as there are many types of premises and purposes of use, they all require targeted, flexible, and agile service solutions.

Flexibility and agility describe how we take responsibility for the cleanness of the premises. At N-Clean, we understand the needs of different areas and plan the cleaning service accordingly. As a result, we make sure that our customers and their customers can live their everyday lives in public spaces, shopping centers, stores, housing companies, nursing homes, and offices. Every week, we take care of the maintenance cleaning of 1.5 million square points of business premises.